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To my fans and everyone who supports me or my music, I hope you know that I’ll never take you for granted and every single day I strive to make you more proud. I love you guys.
— Uncle Shanks


Chris “Uncle Shanks” Shanks is from Charlestown, Indiana and is the youngest of the crew. He started officially making music after purchasing his first set of studio equipment in 2016 and becoming the engineer of a group he co-founded, called “XP.” After about a year and several singles later, He recalls:

“Me and Joey hit the studio a couple times together for my features on his records ‘100 Racks’ and ‘Rockstar’. We really had amazing chemistry from the first time I met him. I even did a cameo for his visual ‘Move Back’ and I got robbed in ‘The Anthem’.”

Little did he know that in March of 2017, Joey Marini would formally invite him to be a part of the label, an invitation that he couldn’t pass up. His remark on being asked was,

“He hit me with the opportunity, I’d be crazy not to accept.”

Since then, he has released two major singles on all available platforms titled “Reckless” and “Blessed”, and starred in Joey Marini’s “Adderall Party’ video.

He’s been blessed with an amazing woman of four years and a beautiful two year old baby boy. Looking forward, Uncle Shanks plans on making music his full time career within the next year after dropping his album, “Partly Cloudy” in early 2019.

Stay tuned for MY NEW ALBUM

“Partly Cloudy”

Coming out in early 2019!